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Growers of trees, shrubs and hardy herbaceous perennial garden plants near Newport, Shropshire

What do we grow?

This is a much more difficult question than it sounds. Because the vast majority of what we sell is grown from scratch on site, the vagaries of weather, propagation success rate and of course sales rates, means that our stock levels can vary from day to day.

Helenium Wyndley

The plant list includes the majority of the herbaceous plants that we grow, and we would hope to have stock of most of them most of the time. But, please be aware that during high season it is possible for stock to move from feast to famine in as little as a day, so use this list as a guide only, and if you are looking for something in particular, take the precaution of telephoning to check stock before travelling a long distance in the hope that we’ll have it…

We are also always adding new lines to our stock, so a visit to the nursery is quite likely to yield something not on the list.

We also have a good selection of shrubs which we have not yet listed, and usually have around 500 trees in stock – an indicative list can be seen here.

If there is something you want which is not on our list, please let us know – we may be able to get it for you, or grow it for you (though you’ll have to be patient if you choose this option – it would take at least a year!)

Click here to view the plant list.

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